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When you have elderly family members living with you, your aim is to provide them with as much assistance and support as possible for their unique needs. Unlike adults who are in their prime, older individuals begin to experience difficulties in moving about, their sensory perceptions grow weaker, and their memory and sharpness when it comes to calling up or retaining information can begin to slow down.

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As such, even the simple act of taking a bath can become a risky endeavor for your elderly loved ones. Wet bathroom floors, slippery handrails, shampoo and cleaning products’ bottles and even medicine cabinets can pose challenges and risks, and even cause minor accidents (which can quickly become more severe in some cases when slips, falls and trauma to the head and body take place). The typical bathroom setup is no longer ideal for their use; walk-in bathtubs are proving to be safer, more effective and more convenient options for older people with mobility issues.

Finding the right tub

These specially designed tubs are made with the latest technology and can come with a wide range of wellness features that not only enable elderly individuals to have an easier time bathing, but also allow them to experience relaxation and improved health and well-being.

It goes without saying that such a piece of equipment would be an investment in your loved one’s health and wellness. And so it can be frustrating because there is one challenge that you are highly likely to meet: actually determining the high-quality walk-in tubs’ prices.

When you’re looking for a good walk-in tub to buy, your initial move would be to look up the websites of manufacturers or the stores that carry them so you can take a look at the different models, configurations, special features, sizes, and most importantly, the prices of the items.

However, you’ll find that hardly any manufacturer or seller will readily provide the pricing information on their websites. Often, they will also refuse to discuss the matter of pricing over the phone, as their preferred process is to send a salesperson over to your residence so that he or she can convince you to seal the deal.

What can be done?

A smarter way of going about your purchase of a walk-in tub for your elderly loved ones, then, would be to get expert help from the right specialists.

The Wellness Revolution works closely with Walk In Bathtubs of Sarasota to provide consumers with a convenient, one-stop platform where they can easily make comparisons of high-quality walk-in tubs so they can make an informed buying decision.

Having professionals like these to help you select the right tub offers a number of benefits: You stand to save 30 to 40 percent on the price of the tub; you get free and comprehensive industry insider consultation to help you pick the best tub for your needs; seasoned team members will take care of installation for you, and this will only take around one or three weeks’ waiting time; and you will receive personalized and ongoing service for your purchased unit.

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Finding the best walk-in tubs for your elderly loved ones is now stress and hassle-free thanks to the commitment of the people behind The Wellness Revolution and Walk In Bathtubs of Sarasota to exceptional customer service. Contact the team by calling 888-958-0349 or starting a live chat at today.

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